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Massage Therapy in Columbus

At Midwest Chiropractic Center, our Columbus chiropractor uses a variety of therapies for natural pain management and injury rehabilitation. Massage therapy is one of these important treatments techniques. Therapeutic massage helps relieve back and neck pain, reduce the incidence of headache pain, alleviate stress, support injury rehabilitation and enhance a patients’ overall well-being.


Natural Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headache Relief with Massage Therapy

After an injury, our muscles can become stiff, sore and inflexible. Routine actions, such as walking up and down a flight of stairs or even sitting for prolonged periods, can become incredibly painful. The formation of scar tissue can further exacerbate this pain and block the body’s natural healing process. Massage can help minimize this discomfort by naturally relieving pain while also supporting the internal healing process. Massaging injured tissue increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood, which flushes out toxins, reduces inflammation, alleviates pain and helps to break up scar tissue. Massage therapy can also help reduce the incidence of headache pain by increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Our wellness center offers several types of massage therapy treatments, including trigger point therapy and myofascial release. These deep tissue massage techniques release tension trapped within the muscle tissue, breaking up adhesions, knots and lumps of scar tissue. Myofasical release, for example, specifically targets the fascia, the body’s connective tissues. Over time, tension can become trapped within the fascia, causing it to shorten and tighten. This increases pain and also restricts the body’s natural range of motion. Massaging the fascia is key to restoring flexibility after an injury.

Trigger point massage is helpful for treating pain associated with injuries including tennis elbow, low back pain, headaches and IT band syndrome. During a trigger point massage, our massage therapist will apply pressure to targeted spots on the body. This pressure helps to release trapped tension so the muscles can finally relax. Massage also reduces cortisol levels (associated with stress) and increases endorphin levels (associated with pain relief). Our patients benefit from natural back pain and neck pain relief – no medication necessary!

If you suffer from stress, you may be internalizing this stress within the body, resulting in high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue and an increased risk for illness. Massage is an important mind-body therapy that provides natural stress relief. Like meditation, regular massage treatments help to calm and center the mind. After a massage therapy session, our patients report feeling relaxed and peaceful, having physically let go of life’s daily stressors. Not only will your body feel better, but your overall health will also improve.

Massage is more than a luxury perk for special vacations. This non-invasive therapy offers many important health benefits, and regular treatments can make a significant difference for your well-being. If you are new to massage therapy, we invite you to contact our Columbus chiropractor to learn more about how this treatment can help support your body’s wellness needs.

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